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Rapid Prototyping Service

Our prototyping services enable you to make functional models of your designs with a very short lead time. Using a mix of both traditional and advanced prototyping techniques, we can help you create stunning visual models. We have in-house processes that can economically and quickly help you produce parts and assemblies.  Whether you are looking to make functional models to help you iterate your design or making a pitch to investors, we can help! 

According to the customer product requirements, quantity, lead time to choose different materials manufacturing mold, meet the customer product budget, order quantity and time. For products with small orders, we usually use rapid injection molding with a mold cycle of 1-4 weeks. For products with large orders, we use hard steel to make high-quality molds.


What is Rapid Tooling?

Rapid tooling is a simplify structure of the tooling to reduce the cost, shorten the delivery cycle, suitable for small batch of new products.

Rapid tooling manufacturing

According to the requirements of the product quantity, structure and surface  the appropriate tooling steel, rapid tooling is made of high quality hard aluminum, P20, NAK80, such as S136H or H13 mould steel, through the CNC milling machine, grinder, lathe and electric spark machine tool for processing, we also can be treated by optical polishing, texture process to implement the product surface requirement.


Advantages of rapid tooling

·Low upfront input cost

·Suitable for medium and small quantity products 
·Short mold manufacturing time


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