Low-Volume Manufacturing

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Low-Volume Manufacturing Service

Do you need a flexible manufacturer to help you optimize your inventory levels and minimize your costs? Our low volume manufacturing services enable you to realize both of those goals. Our cell based manufacturing system allows us to quickly schedule and manufacture batches of parts in quantities from 100 to over 100,000. With robust quality management processes, we are able to produce parts quickly, reliably, and on demand.  

Advantages of Low-Volume Manufacturing

●No order minimums
●Fast turn-around
●Low tooling and set up costs
●Mitigated risk 
●Flexibility for design changes

Advantages of Low-Volume Manufacturing


Plastic Injection Molding is the primary way used to produce plastic parts for all kinds of consumer and industrial applications. We offer an endless selection of high quality plastic materials to suit your application.When combined with our robust quality management processes and equipment, we provide you a cost-effective and reliable service. 

CNC Machining


Our team lives and breathes precision machining. With 3-axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machining centers, along with EDM machines, CNC wire-cutting and turn mills, we can tackle almost any challenge! When it comes to  volume production, our engineering and quality teams design fixtures to ensure your parts stay in tolerance every time. 

Pressure Die Casting


If you are looking to produce larger volumes of parts using Aluminum, Zinc, or Magnesium, our pressure die casting service enables you to make parts faster and more cost effectively than machining  from billet would allow. Coupled with our finishing services, we can help you minimize your part costs and produce your parts fast. 

Aluminum Extrusion


From wire cut aluminum profile to extrusion dies, we can produce aluminum profiles with no minimum order quantities for standard materials. With our strong in-house post machining capabilities and a wide selection of finishes, we can help you make your profiles fast, cost effectively,  and hassle free.  

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