Industrial Equipment

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Industrial Equipment

Industrial automation equipment is rapidly developed, and improved production efficiency and lower labor cost are realized when artificial intelligence technology has changed the way of industrial equipment and industrial production. The increasingly growing trend will completely subvert the design, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and operation of products in extremely short period of time.

Applications Of Industrial Equipment

Equipment prototyping: CNC machining, sheet metal manufacturing, additive manufacturing
Precision parts prototyping: Precision CNC machining
Electric shell: CNC machining, rapid tooling, injection molding
Robot precision parts: Precision CNC machining, die casting, injection molding, sheet metal manufacturing
General-purpose industrial machinery: CNC machining, die casting
Equipment plastic hardware parts small-batch production: CNC machining, injection molding, die casting, punch forming
Plant floor manufacturing : Custom assembly fixtures, custom check fixtures


Manufacturing Capacity For Industrial Equipment Parts

CNC Machining Service

We possess precision CNC machine tool shop capable of working out parts with the most severe tolerance and processing metal and plastic prototypes as well as production parts as soon as one day

Injection Molding Service

Our small-batch injection molding features with fast delivery time, we utilize rapid tooling to expedite the manufacturing cycle of products, enable products to enter the market faster and reduce investment risk

3D Printing Service

Rapid prototyping of 3D printing allows you to complete complex parts easily and quickly, and we will provide you with high-quality additive manufacturing services from precision prototypes to small-batch production parts.

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