Samshion provides exceptional in-house CNC machining services which include milling

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CNC machining

Samshion provides exceptional in-house CNC machining services which include milling, turning, spark and wire erosion, surface grinding, and more.  Our passionate team of experienced machinists work with you to produce beautiful parts with very high dimensional accuracy. The culture on our team focuses on pushing the limits when it comes to speed, accuracy, and complexity. We enjoy rising a good challenge, whether it be working with high performance alloys like Monel 400 or your everyday Aluminum 6061-T6, our team has the enthusiasm and skills to get job done. 

What's CNC machining?

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process involving special cutting tools are used remove raw material from a workpiece to create a finished part. Machining is very much a science, involving experimentation in material removal techniques using cutters with special finishes to minimize heat and wear,  advanced programming strategies to tell the cutting tool to follow an efficient path, and precision fixtures to ensure tolerances can be achieved.  

Advantage of CNC machining

● Huge range of material selection
● Incredibly precise down to 10 microns 
● Highly repeatable
● Typically economical when compared to other processes 
● Flexible order quantities from 1 to more than 10,000
● Short lead-times

Milling parts


Equipped with advanced 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, we can process products with complex geometries at high precision. Our engineers use advanced programming CAM software combined with high quality cutting tools to produce parts efficiently and repeatably. 

Turning parts


CNC turning is a highly efficient machining process, wheras a workpiece made of plastic or metal is rotated and a cutting tool is traversed along an axis of motion to produce precise diameters and depths. Turning can be either on the outside of the cylinder or on the inside (also known as boring) to produce tubular components and various geometries. 

EDM machining


EDM machining is the corrosion machining of metal materials using electrical current to literally erode raw material with astounding precision. EDM is widely used in mold manufacturing and for producing sharp corners and geometries which can not be produced by CNC Machining alone. 

Wire cutting


A great way to produce extrusion models without opening an extrusion tool or parts requiring sharp corners with long lengths which typical CNC machines can not achieve. . This process uses a copper wire with electrical current to literally cut through the material. What makes this process interesting is that the wire never actually touches the material and is capable of incredible precision. 


Grinding has two main forms. Surface Grinding can achieve exceptional flatness while ultra precise circularity and perpendicularity tolerances can be achieved using cylindrical grinding. This is achieved by either using a grinding wheel on a fixed plane or a cylindrical grinding machine to shape the outer surface of a component to form a  cylinder or ellipse. 


We generally follow the German DIN ISO 2768 unless otherwise specified by our customers. As a general rule, we apply DIN ISO 2768-f to metals, and DIN ISO 2768-m for plastics. Please see this link to see more detail behind this standard.

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