What preparations need to be done before injection mold production?


2020-11-27 18:22

1. Accept the task;
2. Mold design;

1. Accept the task

In the production of plastic molds, the customer engineering staff first provides product drawings to the mold manufacturer. The manufacturer collects, analyzes, and digests product data through the task requirements of molded plastic production, which is the acceptance task.

1. Plastic parts production requirements

Understand the technical requirements such as the purpose, manufacturability, and dimensional accuracy of the parts. For example, what are the requirements for plastic parts in terms of appearance, color transparency, and performance, whether the geometric structure, slope, and inserts of the plastic parts are reasonable, the allowable degree of molding defects such as weld marks and shrinkage holes, and whether they are coated or not. Post-processing such as installation, electroplating, screen printing, drilling, etc. Estimate whether the molding tolerance is lower than the tolerance of the plastic parts, and whether the plastic parts meeting the requirements can be molded. In addition, we must understand the plasticization and molding process parameters of plastics.

2. Process information

Understand the requirements of glue feeding method, beer machine model, plastic material performance, mold structure type, etc.
The molding material should meet the strength requirements of plastic parts, and have good fluidity, uniformity, isotropy, and thermal stability. According to the purpose of the plastic part and whether it is post-processed, the molding material should meet the requirements of dyeing, metal plating, decorative performance, necessary elasticity and plasticity, transparency or reflection performance, adhesiveness (such as ultrasound) or weldability.

3. Choose molding equipment
Injection capacity, clamping pressure, injection pressure, mold installation size, ejection device and size, nozzle hole diameter and nozzle spherical radius, gate sleeve positioning ring size, mold maximum and minimum thickness, template stroke, etc.

4. The specific structure of the mold
Two-plate mold, three-plate mold. Whether the mold structure is reliable, whether it meets the process technology of plastic parts (such as geometric shape, indicating finish and dimensional accuracy, etc.) and production economic requirements (low part cost, high production efficiency, continuous work of the mold, long service life, and labor saving Wait)

2. Mold design

1. Plastic parts ranking

Positioning of plastic parts refers to arranging one or more plastic parts according to a reasonable injection molding process and mold structure according to customer requirements. The ranking of the plastic parts complements the mold structure and the plastic processability, and directly affects the later injection process. The corresponding mold structure must be considered when ranking, and the ranking must be adjusted under the conditions of meeting the mold structure.
From the perspective of injection molding process, the following points need to be considered:

2. Drawing and ordering of quotation chart
a. The quotation drawing is the initial design plan of the mold, and also provides reference instructions for mold ordering. The quotation chart is a relatively detailed identification of the mold embryo and its structure and the size of the mold meat based on the original layout.
b. Material ordering is based on the quotation drawing, drawing a sketch of the mold blank and filling in the order form. When ordering materials, attention should be paid to selecting various mold materials according to the various requirements of the mold.

3. Mould structure design
The mold structure is determined by the type of injection machine and the characteristics of the rubber parts. The design focuses on the following aspects:
(1) Technical specifications of the injection molding machine;
(2) Process performance of plastic;
(3) The pouring system, including runners, gates, etc.;
(4) Molded parts;
(5) Common structural parts;
(6) Position organization;
(7) Ejector mechanism;
(8) Mold temperature control;
(9) Exhaust;
(10) Mold material.

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