Brief introduction of Aluminum Extrusion cnc process flow


2021-01-22 17:15

1. Selection of raw materials

Aluminum Extrusion cnc is an industrial frame profile processing method that is obtained by heating aluminum rods and extruding molds, while aluminum rods are made by melting and casting aluminum ingots, which are called industrial aluminum profile raw materials, and the raw materials will be directly Affect the product performance of Aluminum Extrusion cnc. The production of aluminum rods requires high technical requirements and industry standards to ensure the performance of Aluminum Extrusion cnc.


2. Aluminum rod heating

The heating treatment of the aluminum rod should ensure the temperature control. If the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, it will directly affect the hardness of the Aluminum Extrusion cnc finished product, so the temperature must be strictly controlled during the heating and cooling process.


3. Mold design

Aluminum Extrusion cnc is a production process in which aluminum rods are extruded through a die after heating, and the die is an appliance with high-precision specifications designed according to requirements, used to extrude profile products of required specifications and cross-sections; die design And maintenance should pay attention to meet the production requirements, but also meet the common sense of physical mechanics to ensure that the products produced can reach the performance used. The selection and hardness of the mold should be appropriate to avoid deformation and scratches during the extrusion process, which will affect the product quality of Aluminum Extrusion cnc.


4. Extrusion of industrial aluminum profile

At present, the standard of extrusion machine used by Aluminum Extrusion cnc is 1300 tons-1600 tons. The key elements of Aluminum Extrusion cnc are:

①Temperature control: For Aluminum Extrusion cnc, extrusion temperature is a basic and key process factor. Extrusion temperature has a great influence on product quality, production efficiency, die life, energy consumption, etc.

②Extrusion speed: The extrusion speed must be carefully controlled during the Aluminum Extrusion cnc process. Extrusion speed has an important influence on deformation heat effect, deformation uniformity, recrystallization and solid solution process, product mechanical properties and product surface quality.

③On-machine quenching: Quenching is used to remove the Mg2Si solid-dissolved in the base metal at high temperatures from the mold hole and then be quickly cooled to room temperature and retained. The cooling rate is often proportional to the strengthening phase content. Changing the number of fan and fan rotation can change the cooling intensity, so that the temperature of the product before tension straightening drops to below 60°C.


5. Aluminum Extrusion cnc straightening correction

After aluminum extrusion molding, there will be a certain deviation. After Aluminum Extrusion cnc molding, it needs to be straightened and corrected by a straightening machine to correct the newly extruded industrial aluminum profile to the required tolerance range. The straightening correction must be Use a straightening machine to complete to ensure its accuracy.


6. Artificial aging

The aluminum profile produced by Aluminum Extrusion cnc has low hardness before aging and cannot be used as a finished product. Therefore, generally speaking, it must be aging to increase its strength.


7. Sandblasting + oxidation treatment process

After the Aluminum Extrusion cnc, the surface of the industrial aluminum profile will have obvious stretching lines, and the surface has large micropores and relatively rough. It must be sandblasted. The impact of the emery during the sandblasting process will cause the Aluminum Extrusion cnc The change in the surface structure of the aluminum profile is accompanied by the slippage of crystals during the plastic deformation process, which increases the density of dislocations in the sub-grain and makes the surface of the profile smoother.


8. Packaging

Because Aluminum Extrusion cnc has very high quality requirements and is very particular about the overall aesthetics of the appearance, the requirements for later packaging are also very strict. The overall packaging process is divided into the surface film of the profile to avoid scratches; the pearl cotton wrap; the outer layer wraps one layer Kraft paper, avoid scratching hard objects.

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