What equipment does aluminum machining use?


2021-01-28 15:13

The equipment used in aluminum machining is divided into two levels. The processing equipment commonly used by powerful aluminum profile manufacturers is CNC, and the general factory commonly uses CNC processing equipment. CNC processing equipment can realize the batch operation of aluminum machining. Using the computer control system, aluminum machining can be carried out accurately and accurately. One machine can realize cutting, drilling, tapping and other processing operations, and there will be no missing processing. Numerical control processing equipment requires personnel to operate, manipulate the specific processing data, and then perform aluminum machining operations.


The cost of CNC processing equipment is relatively high, and a piece of equipment requires a price of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, so generally capable aluminum profile manufacturers will have it. Generally, the CNC machining equipment used in the factory can basically meet the needs of use. If the aluminum machining level of the staff is relatively high, the general error will not exceed ±0.5mm, so you don't have to worry about the processed profile being unusable. Aluminum machining is a prerequisite for aluminum profile customization. These aluminum machining equipment is the basic hardware that an aluminum processing plant needs to be equipped with. What are the basic equipment of aluminum machining? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.


1. Aluminum cutting machine

As the name suggests, the cutting machine is used to cut aluminum profiles. Generally, the aluminum materials just extruded by aluminum machining are 6.02 meters, and the aluminum materials required for the aluminum profile frame project are long and short. Therefore, it must be cut before assembling into a frame. Aluminum profile cutting is also required. Now the general aluminum machining can control the cutting error within +-0.3mm.


2. Aluminum tapping machine

Aluminum tapping machine is actually a kind of machine tool that uses taps to process internal threads. It is usually called tapping hole. It is a kind of internal thread processing machine tool widely used in aluminum machining. At present, the development of aluminum tapping machines in China is relatively mature, and there are various forms, mainly for processing various types of threaded holes.


3. Aluminum profile punch

Aluminum profile punching machine is what we talk about verbally. Aluminum machining often requires bolts to assemble the aluminum profile frame. Some require threaded holes, while others do not. For example, on some plates, you only need to drill the correct diameter at the specified position The size of the hole is fine. The punching machine can not only drill holes but also bend plates or profiles.


4. Aluminum profile bending

The so-called bending is the process of using rotation and profiling to change the deformation interface (inward movement) of the profile section within the yield range to make it plastically deforme.

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