What are the advantages of Low Volume Production?


2021-02-01 16:02

Low Volume Production refers to the production of a single product that is basically a special product for small batch needs. Low Volume Production is a typical build-to-order production (MTO), its characteristics are similar to single-piece production, and are collectively referred to as "single-piece small batch production". Therefore, in a sense, the term "single piece and small batch production" is more in line with the actual situation of the enterprise.


The Low Volume Production method and the mass production method are both typical production methods. The advantages of mass production with its low cost, high efficiency and high quality make it difficult to compete with medium mass production. Low Volume Production has firmly established a foothold in the market with its product innovation and uniqueness. There are three main reasons:

1. All kinds of machinery and equipment used in mass production are special equipment, and the special equipment is manufactured by Low Volume Production.

2. With the rapid advancement of technology and increasing competition, product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter and a large number of new products developed have become the key to a company's competitive advantage. Even if a new product is to be mass-produced, its structure, performance, and specifications need to be improved in various ways during the research and trial production stage, and it can only be Low Volume Production.

3. The products of Low Volume Production are mostly production materials, such as large ships, power station boilers, chemical oil refining equipment, assembly line production equipment of automobile factories, etc. They are the means for new production activities.


Low Volume Production has a wide range of applications. Taking 3D printing technology as an example, the industry fields that are applied to Low Volume Production include: new products in small batches, equipment and instrument parts, tooling and fixtures, creative products, personal consumer products, etc.


Features of Low Volume Production's industrial 3D printing products:

1. High quality. The quality of industrial 3D printed products has reached the industrial application level, plastic products are close to the level of injection molding, and metal products are close to the level of forgings; the quality requirements of customers can be fully achieved.

2. Short product production cycle. General non-metallic industrial 3D printing equipment can achieve Low Volume Production of thousands of products in a short time (depending on the complexity of the product, the general production cycle is about one week).

3. Low cost. In the Low Volume Production of thousands, hundreds, dozens, or even dozens of pieces, the manufacturing cost of industrial 3D printing is far lower than that of traditional industrial manufacturing.

4. Flexible production capacity. Industrial 3D printing technology can easily realize free product portfolio manufacturing, multiple products, different batches, one-time production, and simultaneous delivery.

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