Precautions in the production process of rapid injection molding


2021-02-02 16:02

In the process of rapid injection molding, the injection molding machine works quickly under powerful, high-speed, high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, and its injection mechanisms are all high-pressure, high-speed, and local high-temperature machines. The injection mold process is well controlled, and the purpose is to make good molded products. After rapid injection molding products are molded, there are often dimensional fluctuations. Then the injection mold manufacturing factory processes to make good molded products. What matters to note?


Precautions in the production process of rapid injection molding:

1. Control of material temperature

Different raw materials have corresponding temperature requirements. If the plastic material of rapid injection molding has poor fluidity, then the temperature should be increased to control it within a better flow value range.


2. Mold temperature control

Different injection molded products have different geometric shapes, sizes and wall thickness ratios, and have different requirements for the cooling system, and the mold temperature largely controls the cooling time of the product, so when the mold temperature changes, the shrinkage rate There will be great changes. When the mold temperature remains stable, the product size of rapid injection molding is more accurate, and there will be no defects such as deformation, poor gloss, and cooling spots. Therefore, the relevant personnel should try to keep the mold in an allowable low temperature state, which can not only shorten the injection cycle, but also improve the production management efficiency of rapid injection molding and keep the physical properties of the raw materials in a good state. In addition, during the manufacturing process of rapid injection molding, the set value of the mold temperature should be within the recommended temperature range of the raw material and cannot be changed at will.


3. Adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust

When debugging the mold, determine the appropriate locking force and injection pressure to ensure that the mold cavity, the air in the core and the gas generated by the plastic can be discharged out of the mold through the exhaust groove. It should be noted that if the exhaust is not smooth, insufficient injection will occur, which will cause weld marks or burns. The above-mentioned molding defects sometimes appear in the same part. When the injection molded product is thin and the mold temperature is relatively high, the product obtained by rapid injection molding is easily burned, and the burned part will appear at the same time as the weld mark. The consequences of the gas tank. To avoid burns, the depth of the exhaust shoulder should be designed to be deeper, and a larger ventilation slot should be opened at the back of the shoulder, so that the gas behind the shoulder can be quickly discharged out of the mold. If there is special need, An exhaust slot should also be opened on the ejector rod to ensure that no flashing occurs.


4. Supplementary shaping control of injection product size

After demolding, the product of rapid injection molding will be deformed and warped to different degrees with the change of temperature. At this time, some auxiliary fixtures can be used to adjust, and timely remedial measures can be taken. When the product is cooled and solidified, it can reach a good condition. The adjustment effect.

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