Aluminum Extrusion

We provide you with a highly flexible Aluminum Extrusion service

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Aluminum Extrusion

We provide you with a highly flexible Aluminum Extrusion service. With MOQs as low as 50, we can help you cost effectively produce tools, post machine, and provide you with exceptional finishes such as anodizing to make your parts look stunning. 

What is aluminum profile?

Extruding is a very interesting process long 6 meter aluminum rod heated to near its melting point and pushed through a steel custom built steel tool from which to form a desired profile based on supplied CAD data.   

Advantage of aluminum profile

● Extremely consistent
● Low part cost 
● Low tooling cost
● Moderate to tight tolerances can be achieved
● Wide number of finishes and aluminum materials available. 


Extrusion mould

An extrusion mold can be made into a near limitless number of shapes and sizes. Typically made from H13 tool steel, extrusion molds typically come in two types, solid or hollow. A solid die simply has multiple orifices from which the raw material can be pushed through and generally can not produce a hollow extrusion. Instead it produces a C-shaped profile,wheras hollow dies make tubular profiles or profiles with complex shapes. 


Aluminum alloy profiles have been widely used in radiators, electronic appliances,  transportation, construction and other industries. As a result, the proportion of aluminum extruded products has also increased rapidly. When combined with our other in house manufacturing processes, such as precision machining, we are able to produce your extrusions with great attention to detail. 


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